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Dont take our word for it. Here's what people shared about how Circleback has helped them.
"Circleback has been a game-changer for my sales team. It has allowed us to focus on what we do best - selling - and not get bogged down with administrative tasks. It's so easy to use and has helped us save time, stay organized, and keep track of our clients and their needs."
Josh Hezghia
Global VP of Sales @ Blueground
"I've tried a handful of other transcription apps and this is THE best one. SO cool. I'm in love."
Lana Dubkova
Senior EA to CEO @ Particle Health
"In an effort to increase and streamline my team's communication, has been a huge help. No longer do I need to create summary emails and action items after team calls. Circleback manages these tasks and gives me back time in my day."
Mitchell Drinkard
Director of US Market @ Noon Aesthetics
Trusted and loved by the world's best teams

How it works

Step up your meeting game

Add Circleback to your meetings for a complete transcript in 12 languages.
We'll summarize your meeting with meticulous notes and write professional follow up emails.
Smart Search
Search all your meetings with questions like "what are Chris's priorities and objections?"

Private & Secure

Your data is yours.

Meetings & all your information are only accessible by you, unless you choose to share them.
Whether it's a meeting or your entire account, you have full control to delete your data at any time.
Encrypted in-transit.
Stored in a secure database.
Share with who you want.
Your data. Delete anytime.


30-day free trial for individuals, no credit card required. Pricing in USD.
For personal use
Meeting transcription with 12 supported languages
State-of-the-art automated meeting notes
Automated follow-up emails
Semantic search for all of your meetings
per month
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30-day free trial, no credit card required.
For collaborative teams
Everything in INdividuals plan, plus:
Shared meeting notes and follow-ups with your teammates
Semantic search across all meetings in the team
per month
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Frequently asked  questions

Is Circleback secure?

Data safety & privacy is a top priority. Data is encrypted in transport and stored in a secure database.

How fast does Circleback work?

Transcription begins the second Circleback enters your meeting. As soon as you end or remove Circleback from the meeting, crafting the notes and follow-up email begins. You should have access to that information within minutes.

How much does it cost?

We have a 30-day free trial for everyone to try. After that, we have two plans: Individual (25/month) & Team (40/month).

How does Circleback work?

Circleback can join any Zoom, Teams, or Meet call that has a link it can access. All you have to do is copy the link of your meeting, and paste it into the top-right "Record Meeting" section after you log in. After that, Circleback does all the work.

Who owns the data?

You do, we simply hold it safe for you in our secure & encrypted database. Should you want to delete your data, send us an email at

What integrations do you have?

Circleback can join any Zoom, Teams, Meet, or WebEx call. Are we missing an integration you'd use? Email and let us know.

Your second brain for meetings.

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